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Liane Parker

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Liane Parker
Chief Operating Officer
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Liane Parker, RN, CPHM, is Administrator and COO of Perry Community Hospital. She is responsible for the architecture and design of Evidenced Based Clinical Pathways in Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Imaging and Cardiology. Liane became passionate about healthcare at a very early age while riding on her grandmother’s medication cart as she administered medications and assessed her patients in the rehabilitation hospital. She began working in Utilization Management after 14 years of direct patient care, assisting in implementation, design and development in the nation’s 1st comprehensive Radiation Oncology program, followed by comprehensive invasive and diagnostic Cardiology clinical decision evidenced based pathway authorization system. The designs of these programs led to faster decisions in prior authorization and reduced the administrative burden on physicians and staff. She further went to assist in updating and building out a national diagnostic imaging program, pain spine management, spine surgery, sleep medicine, and medical oncology. She developed and lead a national Utilization Management team obtaining deep knowledge of Medicaid, commercial and Medicare state, and federal regulations. She quickly identified and corrected trends and ordering patterns across the country. She has in-depth understanding of how the American healthcare system operates working with top healthcare spend cost drivers. She has a unique healthcare journey experience on the patient side of healthcare with serious illness, view of the national healthcare system and data analysis that form a perfect circle for patient centric value-based care innovation. Through personal and professional experience, she has a strong foundation that makes her a visionary in the healthcare industry. Liane has worked closely with physician’s at Harvard, Yale, Cleveland Clinic, Stanford, and many national health leaders. She is a subject matter expert on managed care, specialized evidenced based medicine and innovative ideas that have led to a successful career.

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