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Jason Weil

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Jason Weil
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Jason Weil, CEO and Founder of multiple companies including Expertus Health (Hospital System),Expertus Laboratories and US National Healthcare,is known throughout the industry as the go person for Advanced Clinical LaboratoryTesting. Jason has been called on by Florida’s top Cancer Centers and Pain Management Practices for Laboratory start-ups and Lab rescues. Mr. Weil has more than 20 years of progressive experience directing as many as 150employees within a variety of industries, including Health Care, Software and Real Estate. Since 2008 Jason has built and directed the operations of hospital, physician and reference laboratories across the southeast. His experience increasing the testing capabilities and profitability of hospital systems including Florida Hospital, Orlando Health, Bay Care and others has not only propelled organizations to better bottom lines, but better patient outcomes. In addition to managing several sales teams, he has constructed and or managed 15physician and reference laboratories. Furthermore, Jason has developed industry leading software platforms that revolutionize the way physician practices and laboratories operate. Jason’sdiverse experience managing organizations through start-up, survival, expansion and high growth modes has given him a wealth of knowledge in healthcare, clinical testing and real estate arenas. Mr. Weil’s understanding of both Macro and Micro issueswithin the total healthcare space enables him to build organizations that are both profitable and sustainable. Among his significant previous positions, Jason served as Founder and Chief Operating Officer of GMAC Real Estate – Real Property Group, a GMAC Real Estate Franchise in Metro Orlando. In this position he grew and managed three different companies with a synergistic vision. By incorporating Real Estate, Mortgage and Title companies he was able to expand the Franchise to become the largest GMAC Real Estate company in Central Florida with over 50 agents within two years. Jason Weil holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lee University.

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• Government Sales
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• Laboratory Construction
• Team building
• Electronic Health Records
• Strategic Planning
• Regulatory Compliance
• Hospital Sales

• Contract Negotiations
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• Software Implementation
• Software Sales
• Frontline Management
• Project Management
• Healthcare Consulting
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